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Block paving in driveway with red door and house

Superior Quality Paving & Driveway Services In Crumlin & Nearby Areas

Are you envisioning a spacious patio for those summer gatherings or perhaps considering a resilient gravel driveway? At CM Paving & Maintenance, we specialise in everything from paving and driveways to kerbing and patio laying, offering services that not only beautify your outdoors but are also built to last. With a commitment to professionalism and quality, CM Paving & Maintenance brings two decades of expertise to your doorstep in and around Crumlin. 


Our patio and driveway refurbishments can also refurbish your patio if it is looking old and tired, or needs repairs. Ready to enhance your property's appeal? Reach out to CM Paving & Maintenance today for a free quote and take the first step towards transforming your outdoor space.

Our Paving Services

A general view of garden furniture in a back garden with patio and decking area

Patio Laying 

Transform your outdoor living space with our patio laying services. Whether you desire a traditional or contemporary design, our skilful slabbing ensures a stylish and functional patio. From family gatherings to quiet retreats, our patios make way for a durable and inviting outdoor space.

Patio Refurbishments

Revitalise your existing patio with our expert refurbishment services. From repairing damaged slabs to updating the design, we breathe new life into your outdoor space. Our team handles everything from cleaning and sealing to addressing structural issues, ensuring your patio remains vibrant and enjoyable.


Crafting elegant pathways that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor space, we specialise in creating functional and visually appealing walkways. Our attention to detail ensures a durable and well-designed path that enhances the overall aesthetics of your property while providing a smooth and inviting passage.


Elevate the accessibility and charm of your outdoor areas with our expertly designed steps. From traditional to modern styles, our skilled craftsmen create sturdy and visually appealing steps tailored to your landscape. Enhance both safety and aesthetic appeal with our quality step installations.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways not only provide a robust surface for your vehicles but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Our skilled team ensures a professionally laid, solid driveway that is built to last. From standard finishes to decorative options, we offer a range of styles to suit your preferences. 

Tarmac® Drives

Choose the durability and smooth finish of Tarmac® for your driveway. Our Tarmac® drives provide a sleek and even surface that withstands heavy use and adverse weather conditions. Our expert team ensures a professionally laid driveway that combines durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Gravel Drives

Create a rustic and charming entrance to your property with our gravel drive solutions. We expertly lay a variety of gravel types to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Gravel drives not only add character to your property but also offer excellent drainage, making them a practical and visually pleasing choice.


Define and protect your outdoor spaces with our kerbing services. We expertly install borders along driveways, pathways and gardens, adding an elegantly crafted finish. Our kerbing solutions not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also contribute to a well-defined and organised outdoor environment.

Double Garage door outside the house

Upgrade Your Driveway With Style! Call 07736 573144 Now For Excellent Paving & Driveways Solutions. Let Us Design A Stunning Entrance For Your Home!

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